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Taking hold. Sustaining. Outlasting. Time. Surrender. Steady. Waiting. Obedience. Words and themes that keep finding my heart through songs, verses, sermons, lessons, and in my journey recently. When I first wrote my tagline or mission statement for this blog, of flourish anyway in the storm, from the ashes, in the wait, I see how God was penning those words to my own heart for the present moment at the time they were written, but also in a future space I would need them to continue to dive deeper into the well of healing to understand and live out.  He was giving me words He knew I would need to come back to, revisit, ruminate on. This blog in a way has been my rumination in healing and my hope that by sharing it might mean something to someone in their one foot in front of the other. My recalibrating back to words and His word to shape and make meaning of life.  

His ability to cultivate and time those details for us stuns me, wrecks me… how He is so good in How he speaks to our heart intimately in time and with patience.  Fostering patience in us to wait for those glimmers and peeks into his intentional weaving and plan. His patience and healing love to subtly guide us along in His interlacing of his truths, in whispers and gentle intimate reminders of our hearts journey, in how far we have come in our tender longing moments with Him, in the details only we see, know and truly understand with eyes he has given us through our relationship with Him. Revelations, meditations, and understandings in our personal walk with Him he stitches for us and with us. For us. For me. For you. With that depth of intimacy for each one of us. Wrecks me. Stuns me. 

Recently I have needed reminders of the truth in my own words scribed on this blog. To let the pain make my love bigger, to hold room for my own wounds and rising to try again, holding room to give myself grace, to trust in the wait, reminders to surrender it all to Him. Reminders of beauty from ashes. Reminders that, sometimes all we have to keep us going is in what we cannot see, but we have to believe is there. Reminders sometimes all you have left is time and surrender. In order for anything to have true higher perspective time is a requirement. 

Legacies are not built in hours but constructed in decades and generations. Love, relationships and trust are not built in just hours, but can be shattered in them. Healing, restoration and hard-earned truths are not realized in hours but can be damaged in them. Character is not forged in just hours, but built and grown over time, but has defining moments to fortify or shatter. These truths take time and can be realized in culminating light bulb moments only grown to be fully realized and absorbed in time. 

We have only today but must be obedient in it and take hold of every thought and action for a greater vision and legacy or we risk missing the deep well of good He has for us in time. I don’t want to be constrained or confined to my own understanding, my own experience and my impatience, but I instead want to let Him breathe His calm and gently ushering forward He gives me in the moment to moment. Trusting in what He is doing in time with that obedience. We know God created time itself, knows our time, in Him his timing is perfect, and he is never late or early in his perfect timing, and there is a season for everything. We have heard timing is everything and heals all things. He takes the complex concept of time and truly uses it to cultivate and nourish relationship, reliance and trust in Him. I read recently from an author, their idea of one of the most hope giving words in the Bible being the word suddenly. The idea that the use of that word in scripture is a reminder that God can change everything and anything when we least expect it. What a beautiful juxtaposition of trusting and resting in the surrender of the wait but forever having a posture of anticipation in Him and for Him returning and answering. The wrestle that we only have today but must see past our present circumstances. That we can’t change the past or see into the future but we must believe in what we cannot see. The truth that we are wise to learn from our mistakes and our past journeys forge us if we let Him use them but shouldn’t let the enemy let us think we are defined by the hurts and can’t press on. The pull of hoping and striving toward the future and not wasting the moment, but making steady decisions for a life well spent and legacy worth sharing, and knowing we can only control our choices right in front of us. Hoping and living for our tomorrows but remaining rooted in the present. Being faithful in the little steps of today for the larger leaps we find we have landed and made in time for our future. Sowing seeds for a harvest not yet seen. Staying the path but knowing there will be sudden detours. Knowing the discernment in holding on and releasing. I love His complexity in time and season for all of us, and I know I will never have the capacity to fully understand but striving to see into it all leaves me awestruck with just a sliver of knowing. Knowing when to take the action, seize the day, go after it with reckless abandon, and when to remain rooted, anchored, steadfast and calm letting it ebb and flow, rise and fall, and wash over and release. 

The layered, illuminating, mystery of the patient obedient wait and the “suddenly” only He truly knows for us, and we must trust in, is coming. The facets of Him I will only develop in a walk that takes time, limited by my own understanding, but the profound rushes of knowing He allows me to have in a moment and gives me in who He is, all held in the same dynamic. The confusing, brilliant, intimate, beautifully complex journey of time in Him, that I am holding tight to and surrender in letting time reveal. Knowing what He has for us won’t miss us in time. The beautiful, answered prayer of suddenly that only comes in time.

Time has a way of revealing what is true and pure. Time will pass whether you rest or are restless in it. Time will carry on whether you are looking back or healing forward. What will you let Him do in time? With your wait in Him? Where can He take you if you trust Him with this time? Wait unswervingly, faithfully and expectantly.


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